NACE Certified Coating Inspectors

Who do you rely on for corrosion prevention? National Coating Inspectors, LLC knows that many methods being used in today’s coating industry have been considered “the norm” for generations. VOC regulations, coating improvements, and other reasons have caused coating formulas to change in recent years. Many of “the norm” methods can prohibit today’s complex products from curing and adhering properly, resulting in coating failures. Modern day coating formulas create unprecedented barrier and corrosion resistance, yet today’s coatings and liners are also more sensitive to the surface preparation and application than ever before.Read More

3 Levels of Inspection

The higher the demand for protection, the more advanced the coating system, specifications, and coating inspector. Read More


5 Phases of Inspector Duties

NACE inspectors from National Coating Inspectors do much more than just fill out daily inspection reports. Take a look. Read More


Services Offered

We have experience in interior liners and exterior coating for storage tanks, pipelines, ships, and bridges. Read More

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